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River Island Launches Matching Mum And Daughter Outfits

River Island AEvery little girl thinks their mum is the coolest chick on the planet.



River Island A
River Island Launches Matching Mum And Daughter Outfits River Island ARiver Island/Instagram

Every little girl thinks their mum is the coolest chick on the planet.

I still remember the excitement of stepping into my mum’s high heels during dressing up time, or sneaking a squirt of her perfume and feeling like a glamorous movie star.

Admittedly, I still look up to my beautiful mum for fashion inspiration and still can’t quite carry off a nice dress with the same ladylike elegance.

Now River Island have launched a new mother daughter clothing range which is as adorable as it is stylish; perfect for mums and daughters who are also besties.

Designed by former One Direction hair stylist Lou Teasdale and mummy blogger Emi Ozmen, this 12-piece collection has plenty in the way of 70’s patterns, sassy slogans and on trend denim.

The collection has been christened Silver & Lux x River Island, inspired by the names of their respective daughters, Silver and Lux.

According to the description on the River Island website:

Twinning is winning, but especially when it’s with your mini me! We’re super excited to announce our exclusive collaboration with mini influencers Silver & Lux!

Co-designed by their achingly cool mums, celebrity hair stylist Lou Teasdale and Bleach founder and mummy blogger Emi Ozmen, the 12-piece collection is just what you and your little one have been waiting for!

From cheeky slogan tees and the hero denim two-piece to floral tracksuits and cute co-ords in 70s-approved prints, it’s time to get matchy-matchy in more ways than one.

Prices begin at a purse-friendly £8 for a kid’s T-shirt, going up to £55 for an adult’s blue tape sleeve cropped denim jacket.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the collection, Lou and Emi said:

We wanted to design a twinning collection that wasn’t cheesy to wear. It’s our guilty pleasure twinning with the girls but it’s hard to find cool or vintage styles.

We have always loved vintage clothing so we’ve taken a lot of the patterns and colours from the 70s.

They added:

We needed things that worked for both us and the kids and very much wanted the girls to be “mini us’s”, not us as giant kids obviously.

We had a big brainstorm and sent each other all our fave mum and daughter looks and we both loved little flares and slogan t-shirts so it was really clear we wanted the collaboration to have quite a retro and 70’s feel.

When asked about which mum and daughter pairings they want to see rocking their collection, Lou opted for Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte, while Emi admitted to having a ‘mum crush’ on Gwen Stefani and her children.

Meanwhile, mums on social media are loving this fun new collection, with one person describing it as ‘creative and beautiful’.

However, plenty of dads are also keen to join in, with one fashionable father enquiring, ‘I’m male, I have a little girl, can we not have matching clothes?’ Make it happen River Island, plenty of stylish dads out there too!

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Flip Flop Socks Are A Thing And They’re Absolutely Hideous

flip flop sockkss featuredHumanity’s gone too far.



flip flop sockkss featured

I’ll be honest, in the face of what appears to be a calamitous future I’m trying to be a lot more positive about things. 

I’ve tried Love Island and enjoyed it, I’ve put aside years of prejudice and started using Instagram, and I even offer my colleagues a hearty hello some mornings despite my misgivings about all of them.

And yet there are some things so f*cking stupid that I feel duty bound to retreat back under the warm quilt of cynicism, where I can hoot and holler in the dark, things like Flip Flop Socks.

Yes, you read that right, for once it wasn’t a typo, ‘Flip Flop Socks’ are a thing and they’re every bit as hideous as they sound.

They basically look like socks with giant holes in the heel and toes, and they seem about as practical as the advice self-declared business guru’s post on Linkedin.

Never mind the fact that socks and sandals should never meet in the first place, these things just look awful and I’m struggling to see what they’re designed to do.


Are they supposed to keep your foot warm or cold? Because the holes are going to guarantee that your toes, at the very least, are still cold but the wool means that the sole of your foot is going to be sweating.

It’s a confusing footwear nightmare and I disapprove of it entirely. That said if you’re slightly easier going about knitted abominations you can wear on your feet, you get yourself a pair on where else but Etsy.

Off The Hook by Julie sells the sockdals? Flip-flocks? Slop-flops? For the low, low price of £19.74 and the contrarian nature of the Internet means at least one of you reading this will like them.

To be fair though these aren’t the worst crime against fashion I’ve ever seen because we live in a world where clear PVC jeans exist for god knows what reason.

The jeans were sold by Top Shop last year and we can only guess they were testing quite how strict public decency laws were.

After all, can a police officer arrest you for wandering around in your altogether if you’re technically wearing trousers? Checkmate plod!


The jeans, which were completely see-through, were made of Polyurethane and Top Shop advertised them as out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans which are guaranteed to get people talking.

They weren’t wrong…

A lot of people pointed out that as the $100 (£55) jeans were made from plastic they wouldn’t breathe, which would mean your legs would get particularly hot and presumably sweat.

This sweat though would have nowhere to go and because the jeans are see through anybody and everybody would be able to see the sweat slowly filling up your horrible plastic trousers.

Lovely stuff.

Anyway, if you for some reason want these jeans they’re sold out so you’ll have to console yourself with some bloody sock flip-flop things.

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Marvel Release Ugly Christmas Jumpers For 2018

Marvel JumperChristmas is coming, The Hulk is getting fat. Don’t put a penny in Thanos’ hat.



Marvel Jumper
Marvel Jumpers 2018 are here.Marvel

Christmas is coming, The Hulk is getting fat, don’t put an infinity stone in Thanos’s hat.

And the impending festive season means that you are bound by law to throw on the lumpiest, spangliest jumper in your wardrobe. For true festive fashionistas, this should be ideally dressed up with a paper cracker crown and a tinsel scarf.

As we all know, Christmas is all about celebrating your nearest and dearest. And so what if your particular list of loved ones includes every single one of the Avengers?

It’s been a rollercoaster year in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what better way to raise a glass of sherry to those dearly disintegrated than to chuck on a chunky knit in their honour?

Luckily for you, official Marvel Christmas Sweaters/Jumpers have landed, and they are a bunch of woolly wonders whether you call them sweaters or jumpers.

Whether you prefer Iron Man or Thor, Spider-Man or Black Panther, there’s a jumper out there ready to sing your fandom louder and prouder than a choir full of cosplayers.

Unfortunately, some superhero names are missing, including Black Widow and Hawkeye and – surprisingly – super villain of the year Thanos.

I mean, I guess nobody really wants to contemplate the nihilistic destruction of the entire universe at their office Christmas party, but it would still be nice to have the choice if you do. Sort it out, Marvel!

Each jumper will set you back £36.99, which is pretty good considering the quality, design and cosiness. Definitely an investment for those times when you will be trudging through the snow on a gloomy December morning.

Online reviews for these jumpers have been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers praising the look and feel of the knitwear. Honestly, with these eye-catching prints, ‘ugly sweater’ is an unfair description.

One satisfied customer – who opted for the Guardians of the Galaxy jumper – said:

I love this sweater and am wearing it at this very moment. The sweater is very well made, and is an actual woven sweater – not a printed picture on sweatshirt material.

I also love the colours. Most superhero garments are done in reds, but this purple and blue combo is really nice.

I also purchased the Thor sweater and was just as pleased. I will definitely order more from this seller. Absolutely worth the price and it arrived quickly.

One proud owner of a Captain America jumper declared:

My first Christmas jumper and now my favourite jumper: period. Cozy, comfortable, great colour, and a really fun conversation piece showing my interests and holiday spirit!

You can purchase your very own official Marvel jumper here, perfect for getting wrapped up sensibly for the Christmas markets.

Seriously, you always forget how darn chilly those things get until your teeth are chattering like a demonic nutcracker over a mulled wine and mini pancake combo.

It’s time to stick some fairy lights on your Groot and get online shopping.

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You Can Now Buy Matching PJs For Entire Family

matching pjsIf there’s one way to bring your family together, surely it’s through matching pyjamas? And your luck’s in, as Matalan have released a range of nightwear for every member of your clan – including the dog. The clothing store have put the star-patterned PJs on sale just in time for the upcoming winter months, allowing



matching pjs
Matching PjsMatalan

If there’s one way to bring your family together, surely it’s through matching pyjamas?

And your luck’s in, as Matalan have released a range of nightwear for every member of your clan – including the dog.

The clothing store have put the star-patterned PJs on sale just in time for the upcoming winter months, allowing you to stay warm and cosy with your family in style.

While you might not be able to imagine some of your nearest and dearest sporting the multi-coloured garments around the house, you can convince them to take part by telling him it’s all for a good cause.

100 per cent of the sales of the pyjamas will raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity, an organisation which supports Alder Hey in the Park hospital.

The Matalan website explains:

By purchasing products from the collection and sharing your snaps on social media, you will actively raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Proceeds from the campaign will fund a range of activities and projects, which are designed to enhance and improve the lives of Alder Hey patients.

Money raised will also be used to support research and purchase specialist medical equipment.

Gogglebox-turned-Saturday Night Takeaway star Scarlett Moffatt is leading the campaign, alongside the staff and patients at the hospital.

If the pyjamas aren’t for you, then you can always opt for starry socks or a duvet cover, or even just have your dog strut their stuff with a new colourful star-adorned coat.

The range of products are all delightfully affordable, with the children’s pyjamas costing only £8 while the adult sizes come in at £12. The canine coats start at £5, and the bedding starts at just £12.

It’s really not a big price to pay to look great and support a charity at the same time!

The clothes range from XS to XXL, and there are even little starry sleepsuits for babies up to 23 months old, so literally every member of your family can get involved and ‘#BeASuperStar’. It’d make an excellent family portrait!

The site description reads:

Shine bright this season and #BeASuperstar by getting involved in feel-good fun for all the family, in order to support Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

These dazzling unisex pyjamas are constructed in soft jersey fabric and feature a cream base finished with a vibrant star print.

With variations available for all family members including your four-legged friends, this sentimental sleepwear set is great for cosy nights in, lounging and gifting alike.

Many people have already been sharing snaps of their family and furry friends dressed to impress in the pyjamas, spreading awareness for the campaign with the caption #BeASuperStar2018.

One person tweeted:

It’s the best time of year when we all have our matching @Matalan #charity pjs on supporting @AlderHey and @AlderHeyCharity ! #BeASuperStar2018 and buy them for the whole family #ilovedogs [sic]

While another parent shared a picture of their kids in their matching PJs, writing:

Here’s my three in their new @AlderHey #BeASuperstar2018 pyjamas – a great cause and a cute one! [sic]

I certainly know what my family are getting for Christmas this year!

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